31 March 2011


I've got some exciting news...this June the boyfriend is officially moving in! I couldn't be happier to share my beautiful home with him, but it's going to take a little getting used to for these reasons...

1. He is not quite as tidy as I am 
2. Sometimes our taste REALLY differs 
3. I have to make the house I have lived for five years a bit more guy friendly

In some ways I am thrilled to rethink my style and rearrange. You get stuck sometimes, in a certain "look" and change just doesn't occur to you or seems daunting. I am excited to have an excuse to get rid of some things. I am pretty sure I have drawers filled stuff that hasn't moved in five years. On the other hand, it is the end of an era. I have never lived with a guy before.

We have plans to paint a few rooms, change out some furnishings and combine our artwork. I do look forward to making it "ours." The best part {other than living with my love} is that I get to turn the extra bedroom into my office/dressing room. Yeah, pinch me. Having a designated place to work and get ready in the morning will mean so much to me. All kinds of ideas are spinning though my head. Here is what the room looks like now...

My design inspiration...

melanie acevedo/decor8/rue

I'll make sure to update you with photos as things start to change around here. I am warning you I might go a little office pinning crazy the next few weeks.

30 March 2011


My love for the geometric continues. I keep finding myself drawn to these shapes whether it's fashion or for the home...

Three. Black Diamond Throw $185
Five. Halter Bikini $29.50
Six. Paperback Notebooks 3 for £9
Seven. Laser Cut Necklace $36
Eight. Zig Zag Pouf $299
Ten. Pendleton Organizers 3 for $25

29 March 2011


Rue Magazine issue 4 came out last week and it is simply gorgeous. It just keeps getting better! I am completely in love with Noa from Featherlove's San Diego home {pgs. 142-165}. It is bohemian and cozy and I thought it would make the perfect "get the look." It was shot by Braedon Flynn who I got to meet at the Rue party this past Wednesday along with some of my favorite Rue ladies. Now I'm anxiously awaiting our smilebooth pics...
4. Dreamcatcher $10.79
5. Crosley Turntable $199.95
6. Koldby Rug $199
9. Persisk Rug $299
11. Louis XV Chair $583
13. Jackson Table $299.99
14. Constance Chair $299 for 2

{photos of Noa from Featherlove's home, shot by Braedon Flynn}

**make sure to check out my palm springs inspired guest post today on the lonely wife project.

28 March 2011


My guest post on The Lonely Wife Project is up! While the lovely Sabra is in Fiji, she has asked me to write about one of my favorite vacation spots and what I'd bring. I chose Palm Springs, so go check it out!  


Sweet. Iron Feather $28
Sweeter. Modern Quill Pen $32
Sweetest. Feather Shaped Tray $32-52

{feather watercolor by lauren spencer king}

25 March 2011


Who: Afton Figueroa-Kulp, Student Majoring in Psychology/Obsessive Lover of Vintage
Where: Here and There
When: Saturday

1. Brunch at Canelé. This cozy French-Mediterranean restaurant immediately radiates a communal vibe as soon as you walk through the door. With it’s perfect blend of rustic charm (exposed brick walls, wooden dining tables) and urban nonchalance (chalkboard menus, exposed kitchen), Canelé is exactly where I need to be in order to begin my sweetest day. My habitual brunch order is a two-parter, to start off, delicious house-made ginger ale and a decaf coffee (from LAMILL), French baguette toast and house-made strawberry jam. Now, for the pièce de résistance, I order my absolute favorite item off the brunch menu- the always cooked to over-medium perfection, egg in a hole. 

2. Creative Pursuit at MOCA. I absolutely love inspiration, whether it’s creative, moral, or epiphany producing, preferably all three at the same time, I love it; I’m an inspiration hoarder. On this specific day, I’d recommend the MOCA. The Museum of Contemporary Art at the Pacific Design Center is hosting “Rodarte: States of Matter” on March 4–June 5, 2011. The exhibit will feature garments, in a stationary and kinetic display, which Rodarte designers, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, have designed for fashion and/or film. Anticipation commences.

3. Lunch at Fiore Market Café. I am a South Pasadena native, born and raised, and to describe my happiness about Fiore’s opening, is, well, going to be verbal lack luster. South Pasadena is three and one half square miles and when something extraordinary opens, I want more than anything for it to become a place of permanence. In Fiore’s case I assume I’ll have no anxiety about its permanence because it is perfect. Fiore seems to want to emulate the familial vibe of a small town café in Italy. It airs towards gourmet fare that is as delectable as it is accessible.

4. A sunset walk to Buster’s coffee shop in the Mission District. After a food-filled morning and early afternoon, I usually like to take a walk (yes, even after the rigorous calisthenics of a museum stroll) around the small city of South Pasadena. I love sitting alone outside of Buster’s at sunset with a decaf Mexican Mocha, and the Weekly’s (L.A., Pasadena) in hand. It’s beautiful, sabroso, and informs my week all in one sitting.

5. Dinner and Drinks at The Open Door. Monterey Park is the epitome and epicenter of “tasty” Asian cuisine. Whether it’s amazing Chinese food at Tasty Garden, or ramen and dumplings at Daikokuya, Monterey Park is where the MSG-free food reigns. While Tasty Garden and Daikokuya’s cuisine are both authentic and delectable, The Open Door is my favorite in terms of food and aesthetic. I recommend enjoying a Hitachino Nest, Truffle-butter Edamame, and short ribs served with a savory sweet gravy and roasted potatoes. Also, due to the fact that it’s “open” till one a.m., this gives me the opportunity to ride out my perfect day into the next.

6. Karaoke at All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock. Last but definitely not least. I’m the kind of lady that likes to prolong a perfect day and night into the next day… and if It’s meant to be, most likely I’ll end up watching friends and my lovely significant other serenade me with Michael McDonald hits and misses, at this lovely bowling alley/karaoke bar. Now, that is what I call sweet.

{photos by phil donohue and me. microphone}


24 March 2011


It's been awfully cold and rainy in LA this past week.  It hardly feels like spring. What ever temperature it is outside {48!}, it is at least five degrees colder in my 1920's bungalow. While the rain falls, I'll be cozying up to my heater, some yummy hot tea and a good book...
one. Marc by Marc Jacobs Rain Coat $458
two. Barneys New York Umbrella $165
tree. Jane Eyre $10.92
four. Loeffler Randall Rain Boots $126
five. Mariage Fréres French Breakfast Tea $20

23 March 2011


Maybe it's all the LA rain and chilly temps, but I've been dreaming about the desert. Coachella is sneaking up on us and I so wish I was going this year. It sold out in less than a week, which is an all time record. I guess it just wasn't in the cards. But I can still have fun fantasizing about what I'd wear...

2. Floppy Hat $8
8. Troopa Boot $99.95
11. Myrah Sandals $22.80

22 March 2011


I received my Warby Parker glasses last week and was  excited to photograph them, but I spent the weekend with a stomach flu from hell. I am still not 100% so while I am still bedridden, I decided to slap on some red lipstick and have a little shoot in my bedroom.  I had such a hard time deciding which glasses to order, so I ordered two! Now I can choose the perfect specs depending on my mood or outfit. Without further ado, here my picks...
beckett in striped evergreen {i opted for the evergreen rather than the matte black, which seemed too severe}
boyfriend's sweatshirt
old f21 headscarf
revlon lipstick in ravish me red
essie nailpolish in lollipop
stud earrings like these

sinclair in burgandy fade {you couldn't tell from my at home try on photos, but the sinclar's i tried were a dark blue. I wasn't crazy about the blue but i loved the shape. i opted for the burgandy fade, which seemed more neutral}
eskell top via guilt

21 March 2011

17 March 2011


I will be participating in the bloggers day of silence tomorrow in honor of Japan.

If you would like to help, please make a donation here


Here is part II of my "get the look" for Collen Locke's stunning Cape Cod style home from Lonny Magazine. Wallpaper on the ceiling, oh yes, I am in love...

16. Devon Mirror $179
20. Calvin Chair $999
21. Cowhide Rug $199
22. Bond Desk $2,750 
23. Large Clam Shell $59.95
25. Louis XV Sofa $1,599
28. Cowhide Rug $199
30. Easy Chair $2,800
32. Malabar Wallpaper by Cole and Son {contact for price}
33. Danish Modern Lounge Chair $1,645

{photos by patrick cline}

16 March 2011


My talented friend Lauren Spencer King of The Sphinx and the Milky Way, recently had her thesis art show. I was blown away by the movement and colors of her sculpture. Her pieces reminded me how intertwined art and fashion are. They take from each other...

one. ASOS Clutch $35.86
three. Narrow Leg Trouser $89.90
six. Tie Dye Socks $8
seven. Silk Safari Short $88
eight. Druzy Ring $29
nine. Wide Heeled Sandal $109
ten. Super Skinny Belt $39.50
eleven. Joseph Shirt Dress $370
twelve. Studio Silk Top $99.90

lauren's website 
lauren's blog

15 March 2011


Sweetest. Nouveau Ballet Dress $375


If you follow Sweet Thing on Facebook or Twitter you probably already know my exciting news...I am thrilled to officially announce that I am the newest member of The Glitter Guide team. Glitter Guide is a blogazine set to launch next month, focusing on fashion, design, food and fitness. It was founded by one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Taylor Sterling of Sterling Style. I will be a design contributor, ie. making sure Glitter Guide is all kinds of pretty.  You can sign up right here and make sure to check out our Tumbler, Facebook and Twitter pages. More updates coming soon!

**Want to know more about Glitter Guide or find out what it means to be a "glitter girl?"- Check out two of my fellow glitter girl's interviews with Taylor here and here.

14 March 2011


The newest issue of Lonny is out and you know what that means..."get the look" time! There were so many gorgeous homes to choose from, but this time I decided to breakdown Collen Locke's Cap Cod style home and barn. I  was so inspired by the creativity she put into each and every room, I decided to make it in to two posts. Check back later this week for part II...

1. Oasis Sofa $1,869
3. Black Shag Rug $443.99
4. Acrylic Table $799
5. Golden Mirror $299
6. Slope Chair $349
7. Tulip Chair $195
11. Saucer Lamp $228.65

13 March 2011


My heart is aching for Japan. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected by the disaster. Please make a donation here or text redcross to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

11 March 2011


Who: Lilly McDowell-Walton, Actress/Owner of Nell's Compass Candles, and as of this week blogger
Where: Venice
When: Friday

1. Hike. I am a big fan of hiking but I am so fair and can't be in bright sun, so early morning hikes are my favorite. I drive up the coast 10 minutes to Paseo Miramar (off Sunset), continue up the road 1 mile until it dead ends.  The views are instantly spectacular; on a clear day you can see for miles and miles up and down the coast. It's a steady incline, and to the mesa outlook and back it takes about 1 1/2-2 hours. It definitely gets my heart pumping!

2. Gjelina. After a stop at home to shower, I head to Gjelina where every Friday at 1pm I meet up with a close group of friends (aka my Venice family) for a long lingering lunch.  My husband and I look forward to this all week! We kick off the weekend with good food, good friends and lots of laughs. I've been loving the kale salad and we usually split some pizzas (I love the blanco and mushroom w/ truffle oil).

3. Nell's Compass. After lunch I walk down the street to my office on Milwood Ave. I own a candle company called Nell's Compass, so my daily tasks include catching up on emails, shipping orders, contacting potential buyers, and as of this week-blogging

4. Hotel Erwin. Next I'll ride my bike over to Hotel Erwin where you get a 360 degree view of Venice on their rooftop bar. It is a great place to enjoy a bottle of wine and watch the sunset. It can get chilly up there but they provide heat lamps and blankets to keep you cozy.  I just discovered this place and I can't wait to go back.

5. Taco Truck. On my ride home I'd stop at my favorite old school taco truck La Oaxaqueña, on the Southwest corner of Rose and Lincoln. You can't beat a $6.00 dinner and their tacos always hit the spot.  After a long hike and a great day of eating and drinking with friends, it's time to take a bath and turn in. My day was as sweet as could be!

*** I am such a fan of Lilly's candles. People always comment on how amazing my house smells and it's all to do with Nell's Compass. Plus for every candle sold, they send $2 to Heifer International which is a phenomenal charity. Love that! Lilly just started the Nell's Compass blog this week and I couldn't be more excited.  She has the sweetest taste, so it's sure to be a favorite!

{photo of lilly by christine daley, paseo miramar photo}

10 March 2011


It's been one of those weeks where there just isn't enough time in the day. I know you understand. As soon as I catch up to something, I fall behind in a another. Last night's Lykke Li concert was just what I needed. Her music filled me up and made me feel whole again. 

a little pinterst eye candy...

09 March 2011


I am bordering on obsessed with practically any graphic pattern. Whether it's triangles, chevron or hexagons, I can't get enough. The easiest way to incorporate a little graphic pop into your home is with a rug. Here are a few that made my heart skip a beat...

08 March 2011


My friend Jacqui and I attended the Rodarte exhibit at MOCA PDC this past weekend. Both the costumes they designed for the movie Black Swan and dresses from their recent runway collections are on display paired with light installations. It was quite a turn out. In eight years of living in LA I have never seen so many impeccably dressed people all in one place. I was totally inspired. I was so looking forward to photographing the fashion and of course the stunning detail of the exhibit, but alas, no photography allowed. So you can get an idea, I snuck in a photo of the exhibit from the new york times...
me wearing: 
iro leather jacket
old zara dress first seen here 
drugstore tights
madewell bag
sam edelman boots
h&m hat
 wendy mink and erica anenberg rings

jacqui wearing:  
rebecca taylor dress
vintage belt and bag
steve madden shoes
nyc street vendor earrings

{photo of rodarte exhibit by autumn de wilde for ny times mag}

07 March 2011

04 March 2011


Who: Persephone Bott, costumer for TV and Movies/U.K. to L.A. transplant
Where: Hollywood
When: Saturday

1. Working in Costume for TV and movies, if i get a Saturday off it is sacred to me! After sleeping in a little to let my body get over the shock of 6am call times, I would wander slowly in the sunshine of So Cal to Cafe Audrey on Las Palmas in Hollywood. This is a really cute little place inspired by everything Audrey Hepburn. Everything is black and white and they even have Audrey quotes on the ceiling! I am not much of a coffee drinker but would order a little brunch or one of their amazing soups. Just across the street is the hotel where Julia Roberts lived in Pretty Woman and seeing that hotel always makes me smile.

2. Next is Out of the Closet thrift store on Sunset Blvd. Although I shop a billion times a week for my job, there is something about this particular thrift store that i love. I have to go there regularly to see what bargains I can find. I came across this place because of work and some of my bargains include a Catherine Malandrino dress for $15, Spiewak Puffa jacket for $12 and a gorgeous little black Ralph Lauren dress for $4!!!! I am a slave to a bargain.

3. After all that shopping i need a bit of an outlet- I head to the Blackbird Dance Company on Sunset and Highland and hit my Zumba class! I have got into Zumba for fitness and i love it, It is a mixture of aerobic exercise and Latin dance and it is the best workout! There are so many places doing Zumba now and it makes me feel great. It also allows me to indulge at my final spot.....

4. Miceli's...The oldest Italian restaurant in Hollywood. This place is just a classic for great Italian food, i love the spaghetti and meatballs, so simple but so good! The ambiance is wonderful here, subtle lighting, good wine and live piano with your server known to belt out a tune too. Old school and nothing pretentious about this place which i love when all i want on a Saturday night is to enjoy a great bottle of wine with my man and think about how much i love LA and all it's offerings.

All these places are all within walking distance which I also find so valuable in a city where everyone is convinced they have to drive everywhere. I can even walk there in my heels....!
Good times in the land where dreams are made!

{photos by me, shopping bag}

03 March 2011


I can't seem to get enough nude these days. It's the perfect neutral- it pairs just as well with bold colors like citron and orange as basics like black and white. It's a must this spring and it's popping up just about everywhere... 

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag on sale for $182.40
7. Quilted Patch Jacket on sale for $255
10. Belt on sale for $24.50
13. Tibi Strapless Dress on sale for $244.30
17. ASOS Sunglasses $25.10