30 June 2011


Tomorrow morning I'm leaving my whirlwind trip to San Francisco and flying back east to my favorite little island- Martha's Vineyard. Oh how I have missed the sweet air, the lush greenery, the sound of the Menemsha buoy dinging in the distance, lobster rolls from The Galley, Chilmark Chocolates and the clay cliffs of Aquinnah. I feel so blessed to have been going to Martha's Vineyard every summer since I was six. It couldn't be and feel more different then southern California, and I have loved getting to experience both through out my life. After being unsure if the boyfriend and I could manage the trip this year {it's a long way to travel from CA} we worked out the dates and will be there for the fourth of July. Hooray! We will be attending the same 4th of July party I've been going to since I was six years old. I am thrilled to catch up with old friends and see the best fireworks show on the island. Do you have any fun 4th of July plans? 

29 June 2011


I am off to San Francisco bright and early this morning with one of my favorite girls- Miss Afton for the Glitter Guide launch party. We decided to make it into a two-day girls adventure and I couldn't be more excited. Not only am I excited for the launch party soirée, but I can't wait to wonder the city, do a little shopping and eat delicious food. I leave Friday morning SUPER early, so I hope I can fit it all in. Do you have any favorite SF spots?

I hope to see you at the launch party tonight! xx

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28 June 2011


I keep finding myself drawn to bows. They have been making their way onto my tops, hair and feet. I love how they can be both menswear inspired and undeniably feminine. They can however boarder on a little too cutesy. That's why these bows in a neutral palate are just what I'm looking for. They channel parisian chic rather than little girl... 
1. Chiffon Neck Bow $13.79
6. Bow Belt $14.99
8. Bow Sandals $16.80

27 June 2011

24 June 2011


I'm interrupting regularly scheduled "my sweetest day" to take some time and draw some new city maps. Oh yeah, that means there might be a sweet day coming to your fine city. Until then, I thought I would put together a little beach inspired, design round-up. Can you tell I've got summer on the brain? This delightfully perfect weather we've been having has got me dreaming of a beach house, or at least decorating my house to look like one...
10. Bungalow Mirror $595
11. Sumba Stool $98

What are you up to this weekend? We are headed to see the Tune-Yards and Sister Crayon play at the Troubadour on Saturday. Can't wait! 

Happy Weekend xx

23 June 2011


The morning of the wedding I did one of my favorite things. I wondered around the ranch, camera in hand and tried to capture little moments and places. I picked fresh strawberries from James' mother's garden, drank coffee and soaked up the northern sun...

22 June 2011


Our weekend in Marin, although short, was exactly what I needed. The weather and the scenery couldn't have been more beautiful. The wedding was held at James' families ranch, which is a breathtaking property near Point Reyes. It was quite windy that day but the sun peaked out of the clouds just as the wedding began and warmed us up just enough. I wore one of my favorite rebecca taylor dresses and some wedges to keep me from sinking in to the dirt. James and I went over to say hi to Oliver {the horse} and snap a few photos before the reception began...
rebecca taylor dress
f21 & jcrew bracelets
wendy mink ring
dolce vita wedges

21 June 2011


Happy first official day of summer! When it heats up in LA I want to wear clothes that are as comfortable as pajamas, yet still make you look put together. Jumpsuits and maxi dresses seem to do just that. Whether they're dressed up with heals and jewels for night and sandals and a top knot for day, they seem to work for any and every occasion...

20 June 2011


Sweet. Rachel Comey Colden Marbled Pump on sale for $227.50
Sweeter. Rachel Comey Saranac Marbled Slip On on sale for $217
Sweetest. Rachel Comey Copan Suede Sandals on sale for $241.50

19 June 2011


Happy Father's Day to the coolest dad I know.
I love you! xx

17 June 2011


WHO: James Zimmerman, Actor/My Seriously Adorable Boyfriend
WHERE: Here and There
WHEN: Saturday

1. Lake Hollywood Park. I spent half my life growing up in Northern CA. Those of you familiar with our northern neighbors will know that frisbee is more a way of life than a sport. I can't think of a better way to start my day than by driving up the windy hills of Hollywood to partake in a excellent game of ultimate frisbee at the Hollywood Reservoir Park. (I know the ladies love this blog so I feel obliged to mention that the game is coed)  The Park is hidden away, halfway up the mountain. If the Hollywood sign wasn't looming majestically over your head, you might not know you were in LA at all.

2. Nat's Early Bite. After the rigorous workout that is ultimate frisbee (no joke)  It's off to Nat's for the best chilaquiles I've ever had!  Its not just the fact that they cook the tortillas to perfection, or that they make the most delicious breakfast salsa you've ever had. It's just a great old fashioned coffee shop, where they bake their own muffins, and folk are just that - folk. 

3. Secret Headquarters. The Guardian(UK) published a top 10 list of the world’s most beautiful independent bookstores. The only American shop to make the list is the next stop on my ideal day in LA - Secret Headquarters. I realize that I mentioned frisbee earlier and now I'm talking about comics. I'm cool though, I swear. Like many of the boutiques that line the Sunset junction, the design aesthetic is top notch. Walking in you feel like you're in some sort of English lord's private library- A library filled with comics and art books. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, and they routinely host gallery events that highlight great artists and writers. How can you not love a comic shop that makes you feel sophisticated even though you're there to buy books with pictures in them.

4. Umami Burger. No day in LA would be sweet enough without a stop at your local Umami burger. I cannot stress enough how good these burgers are. All I can say, is that you must go immediately! It's a good thing I moved in with the lady because it was starting to be a problem living down the street. I personally recommend the Hatch burger, a glorious blend of house made American cheese (better than you think)and green chiles. And for those of you that like more spice, the Diablo Blue is always available even if it's not on the menu. I'll let you figure out whats in that one on your own.

5. New Beverly Cinema. I realize part of "Sweetest Day" is about cuing people into the little secrets we all have about LA. I have a secret- I'm in love with the New Beverly Cinema. The tickets are always $7.50, the popcorn is excellent and it's always a double feature. What really makes the New Beverly though, is that it's owned and curated by Quentin Tarantino. As one can imagine, the calendar is peppered with wild grindhouse cinema, cult classics, and midnight showings of Pulp Fiction- all of which play with the original trailers of the film's release. There are many many super cool talk backs and events that take place here, so it's good to check ahead in the calendar. But what I love most about the New Beverly is that, like me, everyone who goes here genuinely loves movies- even the bad ones.

{photo of james by me, burger, secret headquarters, new beverly}

16 June 2011


Tomorrow the boy and I are off to Marin County {his hometown} for a friend's wedding. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to a change of scenery. It's a short trip, especially since we are driving, but hey I'll take it. Marin is truly a magical place. When you're there you can't help but fall a little deeper in love with our planet. I plan on taking lots of photographs to post next week, but for now, here are a few outtakes from our last visit {the original posts I & II}...
Check back tomorrow for a "sweetest day" from someone very special to me. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. xx


Have you seen Midnight in Paris yet? If not, you must- It's funny, It's beautiful and it takes place in Paris, I mean come on. I could relate to the movie quite a bit, because it deals with romanticizing the past {especially Paris in the 20's}. I have always had a thing for the 20's, and often thought I was born in the wrong decade. It just seems like a wonderful time to be alive- The flapper was redefining what it meant to be a woman, both the economy and technology were booming. Anything was possible. And, I just love the style. What I loved about the movie, is that it brought to mind an interesting point- even the people living in the 20's didn't think their own decade was the most amazing. No matter what period you fantasize about, the people of that time probably fantasized about another time. Do you romanticize the past? If so which period?

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15 June 2011


No matter what my mood I keep coming back to this outfit, or some variation of it. I am totally in love with this Madewell dress. With it's bright pattern, scalloped sleeves and cut-out in the lower back, this dress has quickly become one of my favorites. During the day I've been pairing it with a denim jacket and with this cold front we've had, a leather jacket at night. When summer finally decides to make it's way to LA, I'm sure you'll see me sporting it with sandals...
1. Rag and Bone Denim Jacket on sale for $185.50

14 June 2011


How unbelievably gorgeous are these photos of Elle Fanning from this month's Maire Claire? I adore how they styled her- the colors, the slightly 60's vibe. I can't stop looking at them. Have you seen Super 8 yet? I liked it, didn't love it. Elle and the lead boy {Joel Courtney} really made the movie for me. Their acting is truly superb.  

**Those dreamy polka dot gloves are from BHLDN.

{photographs for marie claire by tesh}


Yes it's true. Today is the day you've been waiting for- Glitter Guide is live! Now go get your glitter on! I'll be taking a much needed nap {if I can manage to turn off my excited brain}...

10 June 2011


Who: Kate Danson, Actress/Photographer and one of the most stylish ladies I know
Where: The Westside and Hollywood
When: Friday

In truth, my sweetest of sweetest days would probably sound pretty uneventful if I were to write it all down… avocado toast in the morning at my favorite restaurant, my kitchen, then a long bike ride at the beach with friends, and to cap off the day, we would all return to my house where my husband and I would cook a big dinner for everyone and we’d end the night playing running charades (trust me when I say that it’s the best game you’ll ever play.) But for our purposes, I am treating this day as though I am taking a dear friend from out of town on a tour of some of my favorite places to SEE, EAT, and SHOP in LA!

1. Gjelina Take-Away. To start off our day, we would wake up relatively early and head over to the newly opened Gjelina Take-Away where we would grab an egg sandwich and cup of tea to fortify ourselves for our big day. Second to my kitchen, Gjelina is my favorite restaurant in LA and now that they’ve opened a take-out restaurant next door, I’m so excited, I’m not sure what to do with myself.

2. Tortoise General Store. Tea in hand, we’d take a walk down Abbot Kinney to Tortoise General Store, where they sell the most beautiful miscellany for the home, the best pens and notebooks, and green tea, just to name a few of my favorites, all of which is made in Japan. If ever I’m looking for a unique gift, this is my first stop. Plus, the people who own and run the store are so sweet, it’s always fun to pop in and say hi.

3. The Getty Center. After that, we’d head straight to the Getty Center and find a place in the garden to enjoy it. Having been born and raised in Los Angeles, I love getting the chance to feel like a tourist in my own city. Every time I go to the Getty Center, I can imagine what it would feel like to see it for the first time. My favorite thing to do is have lunch there, see one of their always changing photo exhibits and check out the panoramic view.

4. Creatures of Comfort. After a few hours at the museum, we would head to one of my favorite clothing stores in LA, Creatures of Comfort. I never have any trouble getting into trouble here! They have all of my favorite designers… Isabel Marant, Rachel Comey, No. 6, to name a few, and the best selection of shoes.

5. Largo at the Coronet. To top off our very busy day, we would end the night at Largo to see the always entertaining and oh-so-talented musician, Jon Brion, perform. Largo being at the top of the list for me. Alone on the stage, he is able to create the is a small theater in Hollywood that has really amazing shows, Jon Brion sound of a full band by looping all of the instruments onto one track. It’s just something you have to see to understand it! And he always has an amazing surprise guest come on stage with him. The first time I saw him, Fiona Apple performed a few songs with him! It was incredible.

6. The Roger Room. And just to add a cherry to our already perfect day, we would head next door to The Roger Room for a well earned nightcap! To quote my father, "heaven!"

**kate just launched a photography website. she has such an amazing eye- make sure to check it out here.

{photo of kate by Juan Iglesias shoes, getty, jon brion}

09 June 2011


How sweet is this collection by UK designer Nadinoo? I am loving her simple yet whimsical designs and pastel palate...

I am headed to this Summer Social tonight at Urbanic in Venice. Who else is going? I hope to see you there!

08 June 2011


Things have been more than busy over here, between getting ready for the launch of Glitter Guide, moving the boyfriend in, doing photo gigs, blogging and trying to keep up any semblance of a life. But guess what? I kind of love it and It's important to remember that. Ok, I don't love how some days I am lucky if I get to brush my hair, but I love spending my days doing exactly what I feel passionate about. But don't get me wrong, it's not always a passion/inspiration-fest. Sometimes I have "bloggers block" and nothing seems to get me going and other times I feel like I might explode I have so many ideas. And every now and then, I just don't have time to make my ideas come to life. That is kind of what I am dealing with now. So please bare with me for the next week until we launch. For today, here is a little photographic look into my life of late, and the sweet things that are reminding me to smile...

  • My favorite flower- peonies, brightening up my living room along side "my issue" of Martha Stewart Weddings
  • Macaroons from our double date night at Bottega Louie and First Fridays at the Natural History Museum. My favorite flavors are salty caramel and rosewater. 
  • A little vignette on my entry table, greeting me when I come home.
  • Summer fruit, like apricots that have started filling up my kitchen.
  • His clothes. A reminder that the boy actually lives with me now! {big smiles on that one}
  • My new office/dressing room. So far from being decorated but already has changed my life having a proper work space. 
  • My new clothing rack {a stand-in until I find the right one}. It has been so amazing having space to get dressed and to be able to see my clothes! I have re-fallen in love with clothes I forgot I had. Now I just need a dresser so I can show you the other half of the room. Right now it's just a messy pile of clothes. 
  • A fun discovery in the back of my garage. Some photos of me taken by my father, draped in my grandmother's costume jewelry. Yes I was a glitter girl even then. {i also had just woken up, hence my awesome hair}
  • The beginnings of my inspiration board that will hang behind my desk and keep me feeling creative. Now I just have to figure out how to hang them all. Ideas??? 

07 June 2011


My friend Lauren of the sphinx & the milky way recently launched Spencer Studio, a site showcasing the art and design she has been commissioned to do for weddings. She specializes in watercolor, but you might remember her incredible sculptures here. Lauren is an insanely talented artist and I just adore her work. She even hand painted the hawk feather that lives above Sweet Thing. Her website shows some of her previous work as well as invitation and save the date ideas. She used some of her friend's names as "the couples" and James and I are lucky enough to be included {we're the 3rd one down}! So no, we are not actually engaged. If you are a bride looking for a personal and unique invite then look no further...
 {photos by kate danson}