29 July 2011



It's friday, hooray! I can't tell you how thrilled I am the weekend is here. The boyfriend is headed up to the bay to see his family for the weekend and while he's gone I've got big house decorating/organizing plans. My office is slowly coming together, which is very exciting. I just need to tackle some long awaited projects and it seems like the perfect time. Do you have anything special planned for the weekend or are you wingin' it?  

Happy Weekend! xx

28 July 2011


Our good friend's Afton and Phil came with us to Ojai this past weekend, which made our trip all the more fun. We were lucky enough to spend our saturday lounging and laughing at a friend's pool. The property is so breathtaking, everywhere you turn there is beauty {see more photos here}. I can't remember the last time I felt more relaxed and happy.

red carter maillot
zara shorts
j. crew shirt
h&m hat
ray-ban aviators

27 July 2011


I am having a bit of a loafer moment. I can't tell you how happy I am they are having a resurgence despite their somewhat nerdy reputation. I am always thrilled to find fashionable and different ways to wear flats. I also had a pair of penny loafers when I was 10 that I was obsessed with so maybe I'm just a tad sentimental.

26 July 2011


This past weekend in Ojai was perfect in every way and exactly what I needed. On saturday morning we drove in to town, grabbed iced coffees at Coffee Roasting Co. and took a walk through Libby Park. We ended up at Libby Bowl, a place that is very special to me, since I spent many a summer as a child performing in plays there...
vintage dress from american vintage {on melrose}
h&m hat
zara shoes
wendy mink ring
rayban clubmasters
martha's vineyard tote designed by lauren spencer king

25 July 2011


Sweet. Clare Vivier Clutch $149
Sweeter.Thonet Chair $150
Sweetest. Milly Silk Gown $545

22 July 2011



I thought I'd do a masculin + féminin post again, this time with interiors. I think the same thing goes for fashion as for the home- I like to mix and match. I tend to be drawn more towered more masculine spaces, but I love feminine details and colors. What about you, do you lean more toward one than another?

Any fun plans for the weekend? After this stressful week, the boy and I are hoping to drive up to my parents house in Ojai. It's sure to be gorgeous weather and I would just love to get away, even for a night. Crossing my fingers it works out. 

Happy Weekend! See you back here next week! xx

21 July 2011


Summer sales are in full effect and I can't help but be drawn in by all the sweet deals. Especially when sites like Shopittome.com make it so easy to search for your size and favorite designers.  Here are a few sale pieces I've fallen for, and even better- they would all perfectly transition in to fall...

2. A.P.C. Saharienne Parka $415 $207
3. Vena Cava Printed Blouse $324 $162
6. ASOS Marvel Suede Oxford $60.34 $31.03
8. ASOS Ames Suede Boot $120.67 $60.35
10. Kate Spade Fringe Necklace $228 $159.60
11. ASOS Leather Satchel $120.67 $60.34

20 July 2011


Usually I wouldn't post two photo spreads back to back, but it has been one of those weeks. I had a serious scanner fail in the middle of a very important job that resulted in lots of stressed out phone calls to my tech guy. After long hours in front of the computer and a borrowed scanner, it is all fixed and I can breath again. 
Today I thought I'd share a few photos I took of my family's house in Martha's Vineyard. This place really makes me happy, with all it's coziness and nautical details. One of these days I'd love to shoot the whole house because it really is charming. Speaking of charming- love this photo of James looking handsome as we watched the sunset off the deck. Looking through these photos it's almost as if I'm there.  

19 July 2011


Looking through these photos taken outside my house in Martha's Vineyard makes me ache for the lush greenery. All that green does come at a price though- lots of rain. On one of the cloudy, rainy days, all I could do to tame my wavy locks was throw on a hat {and dream about taking my dad's vespa out for a drive}. Ok the vespa has nothing to do with my hair, I just love that mint color...

madewell top first seen here
zara trousers
jeffrey campbell oxfords
h&m hat and belt
wendy mink ring
revlon lipstick in "love that pink"

18 July 2011

15 July 2011


My style goes back and forth from being very girly to a little tomboyish. I also love mixing the two by adding sparkly jewelry and bright lips to a menswear inspired look, or adding a pair of oxfords to a feminine dress. Which one are you? Or are you a little bit of both?


**no i didn't spell masculin and féminin wrong. it just so happens to be a french movie by jean-juc godard. and everything sounds better in french. 

Any plans for carmageddon weekend? I wonder if it will be like y2k and turn out to be overly hyped. We're thinking of going wine tasting at Barnsdale Art Park this friday and we have a "carmageddon" themed party to attend on saturday. Such a funny idea. I can't wait!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx

14 July 2011


Oak Bluffs is a sweet town on the northeast side of Martha's Vineyard. It is known for having the oldest operating carousel in america and the most adorable victorian houses called "gingerbread cottages." They are all painted the most fantastic colors and form a circular pattern around a theater like building, knows as the tabernacle. If you have never been to the island and are looking for a fun time to go- I recommend the third week in august. Every year since 1886 the gingerbread cottages put on "Illumination Night", where all the houses display lit chinese and japanese lanterns. Many of the lanterns have been passed down from generation to generation , it is truly a breathtaking sight.
After a family dinner one night, we all took a stroll around the cottages and I managed to snap a few photos before the sun went down. I just love thinking about all the people who have lived in these homes and all the history they have seen. 

13 July 2011


Do you have a favorite color? This summer I just can't seem to get enough of the color mint. It is equally fun, soothing and romantic which is a rare combination...  

8. Latte Bowls $20

I am back in LA and I must say it feels good to be home, although I have had zero time for decorating my office let alone simple things like unpacking my suitcase. Two retouching jobs came up as soon as I returned, and both have a serious deadline. Isn't that life?..everything is needed like "yesterday." This weekend I'm going to force myself to take time away from my computer and enjoy this gorgeous summer weather we've been having. 

12 July 2011


Pinch me please. Not only did I get to be in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine summer issue, but my photographs from Lilly's napkin making session are up on the Martha Stewart Weddings blog! Make sure to check out Lilly's blog too for more photos and info on her seriously sweet wedding.  


While in Martha's Vineyard, the weather teetered between cloudy and humid and warm and perfect. On those warm and perfect days we headed to Lucy Vincent beach. I enjoyed every minute of lounging under an umbrella, digging my feet in the sand and listening to the waves crash. I also couldn't put down Bossypants which turned out to be the perfect beach read. I could not stop laughing to myself, which is always a good sign. I often found James looking over at me concerned I may have lost my mind. No, just Bossypants...

forever 21 lace top
vintage levi's cut offs
old navy bikini
rayban clubmasters
urban outfitter scarf
pyramid stud earrings like these
tumblr tote gift from the glitter guide launch party

***find out how to tie a turban here

{photos of me taken by merry webster, others taken by me}

11 July 2011


Sweet. Louie $157.60
Sweeter. Pax 249.95
Sweetest. Petty $160

08 July 2011


My week in Martha's Vineyard is over today, as I head back to my sweet city Los Angeles. We have a ferry ride, a bus ride and then a long plane ride ahead of us. Of course vacations never feel long enough, but to be honest I am looking forward to getting back. I want to finish decorating my office and re-decorate the house with James a little so it really feels like "ours." I know I keep saying that, but time has not been on our side. I am determined that July is just the month.

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be sharing lots more Vineyard photos next week. xx 

07 July 2011


Our time in Martha's Vineyard, as always in the summer, has been jam packed with social events. The other night, we headed to a friend's house for an annual BBQ. The humidity was in full effect, so I opted for a top knot. I paired it with my trusty chambray shirt and high-waisted trousers for a summery, menswear inspired look... 

j. crew shirt first seen here
h&m trousers, belt and bracelet
wendy mink ring
gel polish in seafoam