31 August 2011


We are back from our lovely long weekend in Marin and I am equal parts happy to be home and sad to not get to wake up to this beauty every morning. These are photographs of James' families ranch. Everything was in bloom and and the air smelled deliciously sweet. In case you are curious here are my photos from the last time we were there in June.

This trip was very last minute, as we decided early friday morning, to leave the same day. It ended up being quite a busy weekend, probably busier then we had expected- staying at the ranch in Point Reyes, seeing friends in Santa Cruz, J's sister in Berkeley and another sister in Petaluma. I have lots more photos to share, my favorites probably being from The Headlands- a magical place I fell deeply in love with. 

30 August 2011


Last week I told you about a really awesome new store on La Brea called Post 42. This week I thought I would share a few of my photos of the inside. Don't you just love the look of it? The styling is perfection down to the handkerchief tied around Niko {the shopkeeper's} neck. 

How was your weekend? If you follow me on twitter, you already know the boyfriend and I decided to take a last minute trip up to Marin. James' family is there and he currently has two, yes two pregnant sisters. We were hoping one of the sisters would have her baby while we were in town, but sadly she didn't. Oh well, it was a wonderful jam packed weekend with lots of family time and socializing. We are driving back to LA today and I can't wait to get home and look through all of our photos.    

29 August 2011


Sweet. Catawampus Set $76
Sweeter. Buckskin Romper $120
Sweetest. Valletta Set $168

26 August 2011


I can hardly believe my birthday is only nine days away! It is fun having a September birthday because fall being my favorite time for fashion, there is always a good list of things I've had my eye on for the season. This year my list is a little out of control, I must admit. A lot of the things I am loving are far too expensive for a gift, but I still thought I'd share them with you. I think it's good to release your wants out into the world. Sometimes when you do, you don't want them the way you once did. I'm crossing my fingers that happens to me... 

1. Madewell Silk Blouse $110 Remember this shirt? {see here} I could always use more button downs and love the rich teal color.
2. Cobweb Lace Dress $396 I have a feeling I wouldn't want to take this dress off. It is out of control gorgeous. 
3. Printlover Top $98 This casual short sleeved button down, with its rich fall tones is perfect for everyday.
4. Blythe Shirtdress $178 It doesn't look like much on the hanger, but I've tried it on and the fit is amazing. I'd wear this nonstop come fall & winter. 
5. Leather Butterfly Chair $199 I really want one {see here}. 
6. Mona Leather Pumps $198 These mint pumps are a classic shape and would jazz up my more neutral pieces.  
7. Vintage Brass Bookends $42 Ever since I saw bookends like these on Secret's From a Stylist I've been searching for something similar. 
8. Rodarte for Opening Ceremony Top $450 I mean, come on. This top gives me the shivers. 
9. Vintage Brass Sundial $35 I'm on a little bit of a brass kick, and I'm always on an arrow kick. Love an arrow. 
10. Rodarte for Opening Ceremony Top $345 Love the collar and the shoulder cutouts. Rodarte is seriously killing it. Sigh. 
11. Vintage Coach Willis Bag starting bid $39.99 I just bought one of these for my sister for her birthday and I fell in love with the size and the structure. 
12. Catbird Rose Gold Heart Ring $88 I adore rose gold and the sweet simplicity of this ring. 
13. Double Cloth Trench $350 Seeing this coat in the J. Crew lookbook is what sealed the deal for me. Love the way the color looks on the brunette model and those brass buttons are so fun.  

Happy Weekend! xx

25 August 2011


The boyfriend had the day off yesterday and was kind enough to take me around the neighborhood to snap a few photos of my new favorite Opening Ceremony top. We stumbled upon this newly opened shop on La Brea called Post 42, carrying reclaimed furniture and goods. The shopkeeper Nico, even let us take a few photos inside... 
opening ceremony top {dress version here, first seen here}
target camisole
zara trousers
rachel comey heels
vintage clutch
wendy mink ring
pyramid stud earrings {similar ones here}
revlon's orange flip and love that pink lipstick mixed
big apple red nailpolish

24 August 2011



I love that the butterfly chair is both minimal and playful at the same time. I've been seeing them used a lot in design lately, but that might because I can't get them out of my head. It might be a sentimental thing, since the first piece of furniture I truly owned was a leopard butterfly chair from Urban Outfitters. It came with me to boarding school, but I must have gotten rid of it somewhere between graduation and college. Ah well, I just might have to hit up Urban outfitters once again, this time for more grown up leather version

23 August 2011


I went crazy for the J. Crew fall lookbook and I know I am not alone. Now that most of these items are in stores, I thought I would share four of my favorite looks and just some of the pieces I am lusting after for fall. Now if only I could get my hands on that green trench {look 3}, since it is nowhere to be found...

22 August 2011


Sweet. Floridian Oasis Heels  on sale for $79.95
Sweeter. Sunday Stroll Dress $168
Sweetest.Rigby Saddle Bag $148

19 August 2011



I would wear each and every one of these outfits. I can't choose which I like best, can you?

It's friday, hooray! I am so excited because my mom and my sister {who's in town from New York City} are coming up to LA to spend the day with me. Other then a photo shoot for Glitter Guide, the rest of the weekend is looking pretty low key. What about you, any fun plans? 

Happy Weekend! xx

18 August 2011


It has been a quiet week so far- very different from the last, which has been nice. I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market alone, which is when I tend to do my best shopping. Well, to be honest none of my friend's are as passionate about flea markets as I am. At least not enough to get up at 7am on a Sunday. I must say I quite enjoyed going through at my own speed and stopping to look only if I wanted to. Other than a few mini outings, I have stayed in most days and focused on work. Tonight I am looking forward to my friend Kerry coming over for drinks and some always therapeutic girl talk. 

Here is a photographic peak in to my life this week and a few of the sweet things that made me smile...

  • A green Vena Cava top I bought on Gilt I few months ago that I can't stop wearing with Revlon's orange flip lipstick. 

  •  A vintage brass standing lamp I found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market for $20. Missing a lightbulb, but I have plans to change out all the bulbs to these beauties

  • Taking my bike Pepper {mint} out for a ride. I had forgotten how much I love feeling the wind in my hair and treating myself to a delicious brunch afterwords. 

  • And last but not least...finding out my oldest friend Lilly is having a GIRL! Best news ever!!! 

17 August 2011


I'm thrilled to be guest posting over at Sincerely, Cecelia today. She asked me to be part of her "what's on your nightstand" series. To find out what I keep on my nightstand, head over to Cecelia's blog!  


1. Blush Jumpsuit $71
2. Ladakh Dress $107
3. Star Printed Top $41
4. Cameo Lilac Dress $198
5. Push Button Pants $149
6. Stripe Romper $80

Loving all of these adorable looks from Pixie Market. It might be the model, it might be the styling, but I'm suddenly wishing I too could pull off red suspenders. 

16 August 2011


2. Dots Within Blouse $118
3. Nell's Compass South Candle $38
4. Madewell Cutout Shirt Dress $158
5. Dannijo Cato Ring $150
6. Emerald Fade Heels $428
7. Green Animal Print Playsuit $100

Green seems to be "the" color this fall. I am seeing it everywhere and in every shade. I have always loved green because I think it suits my fair skin and dark hair, but there is a shade out there for everyone. My favorite top right now is an emerald colored Vena Cava I got on Gilt. I can't stop wearing it! I've been pairing it with a orangy-red lip and black high-waisted trousers. I'll make sure to photograph it for the blog soon. Do you have a favorite shade of green or do you stay away from it altogether?   

12 August 2011


Here are just a few of the things I'm looking forward to most this fall...
Topshop Hat $50
Madewell Willow Shirt $110
Rebecca Taylor Shadow Daisy Dress $550 
Petite Briefcase Bag $118
Steven Pembrook Boot $129

Fall is by far my favorite time of year, I love everything about it- the colors, the layers, the falling leaves. Sometimes it can be hard to get into the fall fashion mindset when it's August and blistering hot outside, but this year has been different. I already pre-ordered those perfect Steven ankle boots above and found a long sleeved dress I have a feeling I'll be living in. Either my love for summer is dwindling, or I'm convinced we actually have seasons in LA. Either way, fall wont ya please come soon. 

Happy Weekend! xx

11 August 2011



This week has been busy, but not in the work-crazed way it has been lately. It's been all about socializing and somehow it's only Thursday? Isn't it funny how you can have weeks of a ho hum social calendar and the all of a sudden, bam- every night something? I must say it has been nice though. The weather so far this summer has been {dare I say it} pretty perfect. They boyfriend and I have been enjoying dinners on the porch whenever possible and it's proven to be the prefect place for casual entertaining. Last night we had pizza night at home with some friends and tonight is sushi night with the girls. I do love to be social but I need at least a day or two a week to stay home and take it easy. What about you? Do you burn out fast or do you like to be out most nights?

As for the masculin and féminine looks- I've been going back and forth all week between styles. I'm having fun finding ways to  make certain outfits feel more one way than another. I think I lean towards menswear inspired looks for everyday and like looking a tad girly when I dress up. Do you have a favorite?

10 August 2011


1. French Industrial Coffee Table on sale for $519.20
2. Lindo Dining Table $2,998
3. Plank House Coffee Table $598
4. Industrial Loft Coffee Table $449
5. Durham Cocktail Table $359
6. Darjeeling Dining Table $899

Last week I was loving tufted sofas and this week it's industrial tables. To be honest I've been loving industrial tables for a while now, even my coffee table is in this style. Mine being on the more affordable side at $225 on sale {see it in my house here}. What do you think? Do you love this style, or do you think it's a passing trend?

09 August 2011


{rodarte for opening ceremony fall 2011 via fashionologie}

I am so in love with this collection it hurts. I'll be counting down the days until early October when it hits stores. One of each please! If only. 


Here is the last photo shoot from our weekend trip to Ojai. Our friend's have the most beautiful garden you have ever seen and I've been dying do a photo shoot there during magic hour. At 7 o'clock in Ojai the light is spectacular, we actually call it the "pink moment" because the surrounding mountains turn the most vibrant shade of pink. It is quite magical... 

forever 21 dress {similar one here}
zara clogs {similar ones here}
opi big apple red nail polish

Happy birthday to my sister Merry! I am so lucky to have you in my life. Love you so! xx

05 August 2011


It's time to take a deep breath 'cause the weekend's here! I find that on particularly busy or stressful weeks it's important to take a moment and think about all the little things bringing a smile to my face. Last weekend while my guy was away I got so  many things checked off my to-do list, which for this virgo resulted in lots of smiles. My office/dressing room finally started to come together thanks to a few new additions. Now all I need is a tall bookshelf, the Moroccan pouf I ordered from Joss & Main, and this garment rack I hired a friend to build. I can't wait to share the finished product with you all. For today, here's a little photographic sneak peak in to my life of late and a few more things bringing me smiles...

  • Wire and paperclips holding up what's inspiring me right now on my office wall {thanks to lauren's suggestion}.

  • My bestie Teissia, who recently moved to New York City in town for the week. There is nothing better then morning trips to starbucks and late night chats with a dear friend.  

  • Ingredients for my favorite cocktail the 19th Century: bourbon, créme de cacao, lillet rouge and lemon juice. 

  • A set of graphic thank you cards from Target. Sending a card means so much, especially these days when most correspondence is through the Internet. 
Do you have anything fun planed this weekend? I plan on spending time with my friend and house guest Teissia, taking a bike ride and cooking meals in my sweet house. See you next week! Happy Weekend! xx

04 August 2011


This past weekend I watched Valley of the Dolls, and although it's no cinematic masterpiece I was completely inspired by the fashion and beauty from 1967. I am a sucker for winged liner {tutorial here} and fake lashes and this movie has plenty of both. It also got be craving ladylike bags and statement earrings for fall. To me, the 60's will never go out of style.