25 October 2012


To be honest, I couldn't think of anything to blog about today {sometimes that happens} so as Halloween draws near, I thought I'd share a family photo from Halloween circa 1992. My mom and I went as Ivana and Ivanka Trump and my dad went as our limo driver. I remember my mom let me wear false eyelashes and they were so heavy I could barely open my eyes. Oh and yes, I've pretty much had bangs on and off my whole life and as you can see dark brown is not my natural hair color. Do you have any favorite Halloween memories when you were a kid? What costume are you most proud of?


  1. That is a very cool picture! I personaly don't have any particular costume memory for myself but my cousin (who's mother is a seamstress) was once dressed as a toilet paper roll (it was very well made). My little brother wanted to match her and dress as a "poop".......he ended up going out as a ghost (an adorable one at that).

  2. I kind of want kids simply for the family costumes
    This is so so brilliant. I love your family