29 February 2012



While looking over some of my most recent pins, I noticed they all have a dreamy light and soft tones- can you tell I'm longing for spring? Luckily the boy and I won't have to wait until the spring equinox for some warmer temps, because we are headed to The Ace Hotel Palm Springs two weeks from today. I had to take advantage of the 100 N Sunny deal, it was just too tempting! 

28 February 2012


1. Vintage Pajama Set $78
2. Before Sunrise & Before Sunset
3. Atom Art Serving Bowl $28
4. Avec Tweed Sofa $1,299
5. Little Flower Sea Salt Caramels $8
6. Oji Masanori Kami Mug $75
7. Aztec Hot Chocolate $26
8. Striped Throw $78

When it's cold and rainy, there is nothing I like to do more then curl up on the sofa with some hot cocoa and a great movie. Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are two favorites, I most recently re-watched. They so accurately portray the human connection and the excitement of new love. If you've never seen them, you must rent them immediately and have a movie night of your own.  

27 February 2012


Sweet. House of Harlow 1960 Triangle Cuff $70
Sweeter. Marc by Marc Jacobs Suede Wedge $350
Sweetest. Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag $825

How was your weekend? Did you watch the Oscars? I watched with a couple girlfriends and a glass of wine. A perfect Sunday evening really. My fashion favorites were Michelle Williams and Rooney Mara. What about you?  

24 February 2012


The last few weeks have been pretty packed, but it feels really great to be busy. I've not only been working, but also spending time catching up with friends. The weather has been downright dreamy, which has put me in such a good mood. I almost feel like I'm on a springtime high- feeling happier than I have in sometime. I am so grateful for this life I have created for myself and the people in it. Here is a little look in into my life of late and a few of the sweet things making me smile... 

Happy Weekend! xo

23 February 2012


While I was photographing one of these vignettes below with my iphone {for instagram}, it occurred to me that I should put down my phone and pick up my very jealous camera. That's how this series of still life was born. I took items from around my home and just started playing around. I hope you enjoy...

22 February 2012


Florals seem to be everywhere right now, but in a modern updated way. If there is anything I've learned it's never say never when it comes to fashion. Trends you thought you would never be caught dead in can all of a sudden pop up on your spring wish list. I'll never forget one of my best friends telling me seven years ago that skinny jeans were a passing fad she'll never partake in and what do you know- it's pretty much all she wears. Are florals a trend you will be embracing or is it just not your style?

21 February 2012


1. Two Tone Flatstack Platform $178
2. Emerson Made London Coat $368
3. Colorband Skirt $110
4. Loeffler Randall Selima Sandal $175
5. Kate Spade Francoise Top $378
6. Pink and Gold Geo Ring $18.99
7. Color Block Tote $44.95

We've all seen color blocking take over fashion lately, but as someone who is slightly afraid of bold colors I am really drawn to blocking neutrals for spring. 

20 February 2012


Sweet. Arrow Gift Tags $10
Sweeter. Arrow Cuff $60
Sweetest. Arrow Pillow $89

Last week was quite a week and I admit it got the best of me. As you all know it isn't like me to not make time for blogging, but I was just juggling too much. Anyway, I am back and ready to get back in the groove. How was you're weekend? Mine was absolutely perfect. I finished my cleanse/diet on Sunday and spent the day wondering the city indulging in a delicious food and coffee. 

16 February 2012


I am so sorry I didn't get a post up yesterday...just as I was putting the finishing touches on one, photoshop decided to quit and I didn't have time to redo it. Such is life, I guess. I haven't had time to do much of anything lately since the album cover shoot and the editing/retouching have taken up the last few days. Well, I am done with that job for this week at least, and now I'm looking forward to spending some time with a friend  who's staying with us from NYC. We are thinking of taking her to the Getty today. It's been years since I've been and I'm quite looking forward to stepping away from the computer for the day. 

14 February 2012


Happy valentine's day my sweet readers!! What are your plans for this 'day of love'? I'll be spending the day assisting a HUGE photo shoot with my dad for a very amazing album cover (shh, it's top secret). Later tonight I'll get to celebrate with my cute guy and maybe watch one of my all time favorite romantic movies, Cinema Paradiso. What are some of your favorite romantic movie?  

**that photograph of us above holds sentimental value since it was taken the weekend James told me he loved me for the first time. 

13 February 2012


Sweet. Je T'aime Poster $30
Sweeter. Heart Tote $20
Sweetest. Ban.Do Heart Show Clips $25

Welcome back my loves! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty low key since I am still on this cleanse. The boy worked most of the weekend so I went on a documentary binge, watching Food Inc, Buck, Eames: the Architect and the Painter and Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. Right now Netflix instant is kinda my best friend. Do you have any favorite movies streaming on there, i'd love some suggestions? 

10 February 2012


The last few weeks have been different to say the least. I have been on a cleanse/diet which I will spare you the boring details of, but has forced me to slow down. Since most social events, restaurants and bars have been off the table, I have been focusing on other things that make me happy like cooking at home, watching movies and taking walks around my neighborhood. I made myself a promise that I wouldn't buy one piece of clothing until this cleanse was over and let me tell you, it's been difficult but I've stayed true to my word. I've got one more week to go, but in the meantime here are a few things that have made these past weeks so sweet...

Happy weekend everyone! xo

09 February 2012


1. Spiraea Shirtdress $158
2. Me & Arrow Key Chain $14
3. Pinstripe Scarf $9.90
4. Split Frame Shades $42
5. See by Chloe Platforms $365
6. Farmer's Market Tote $45

{photo via}

The weather yesterday was so incredible it made me want to pack a picnic, hop in my imaginary convertible and take a drive up the coast. I love spur of the moment adventures, don't you? Sometimes being a tourist in your own city reminds you how much you love it.  

08 February 2012


I recently came across the newest Boy. by Band of Outsiders lookbook photographed by Scott Sternberg, with Michelle Williams as the lovely model. They always chose the most adorable actresses and shoot in iconic LA locations. This time it's one of my favorite spots, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. 

07 February 2012


one. Ten Over Six Mae Dress $210
two. Mini Mailbag $118
three. High Road Sandals $158
four. Fallon Tatjana Necklace $165
five. Lookmatic Frames $58

I bought this dress on sale at Steven Alan a few months ago and it has been on heavy rotation ever since. Whenever I buy a dress casual enough for day that can also be dressed up, I end up wearing it a ton {like this dress or this dress}. Perhaps one of these days I'll have time to photograph it for you. I know it's been far too long since I've done a "sweet style" post.

03 February 2012


1. Fawn Sporty Flat Sandal $295
2. Dita Platform Pump $425
3. Valentine Peep-Toe Wedge $375
4. Anja Mignon Wedge $375

The Loeffler Randall spring 2012 collection has just arrived and oh my, it's got me falling head over heels. Those Fawn Sporty Sandals must be mine!

Happy weekend everyone! Will you be watching the Super Bowl? We have plans to watch with some friends. I am not a football fan so I'm more looking forward to the company than the actual game. 

02 February 2012


Cover Girl Line Exact Liquid Liner $6.24
This liner goes on the easiest of any I've tried. It tends to run out faster then others, but luckily it's not very expensive. 
80 Acres Olive Oil Body Balm $22
I got this for Christmas from my boyfriend's sister and it has saved me these last few months. My skin is very dry in the winter, so I've been using this on my hands, feet and elbows. Sometimes I'll take a little and mix it with lotion to use on my body. 
Kiehl's Must Oil $26
It's my go to. Musk is not for everyone, but it's my most favorite scent. I get so many compliments when I wear this stuff. 
Ardell Dura Lash Individual Lashes $3.49
These make me feel like a million times prettier. I'll use a few on the outer corners of my eyes when I go out.
Tarte Cheek Stain in Tipsy $30
This color is perfection. It gives me a peachy glow and it last forever. I've had this bottle for almost two years. Crazy. 
Stila Illuminating Moisturizer SPF 20 $32
This gives me moisture, a little coverage and SPF for my fair skin. It also has an almost iridescent look that makes my skin instantly look fresh and dewy. 
Stila Lip Glaze in Grapefruit $22
Some people hate how sticky this stuff is, but I love it. It is the only gloss that stays on my lips for hours. 
12th Street by Cynthia Vincent Pouch $39.95
I just bought this pouch on sale at Anthropologie because of the fun pattern. I love it so much I have a feeling I might even start using it as a clutch. 

01 February 2012


5. Steven & Co. Bangles $38

I love the pairing of a neutral striped dress with a bright kelly green wedge, or a fun pair of pink sunglasses. It makes the whole look feel slightly whimsical and springlike.