30 March 2012


Looking over my photos from the last few weeks reminds me that life is good. I've stayed busy with work, seen some great bands play, been to a friend's Groundlings show and even had a 2am dance party in our friend's living room. I'd say I'm one lucky gal. Here is a little look into my life of late and the sweet things making me smile...

Enjoy your weekend! 

29 March 2012


Today I am answering 5 questions over on one of my favorite blogs- Freutcake. Make sure to pop on over to find out a little more about me. 


I can't believe it has been ten months since James moved in! I haven't been updating you on our nesting progress, because to be honest there hasn't been any progress. As I'm sure you know, trying to redecorate while staying within a tight budget takes a lot of time. One of the items on the top of our list was a new bed. James was insistent on having a headboard, while I was insistent that it be modern and low to the ground. The only bed we both seemed to agree on was the Tate Bed from Crate & Barrel. After many failed craigslist searches, we finally lucked out and found it yesterday in near perfect condition, for an amazing price. It feels so good to check off one item from our list. I promise once we find a couple more pieces I will photograph the whole house! 

{photo of our bedroom via my instagram}

28 March 2012


1. Amira Dress $298
2. Leather Camera Strap $82
3. Lookmatic Ricky Sunglasses $58
4. Canon EOS 5D Mark II $2,199 & Canon EF 50mm f1.4 Lens $399.99
5. ONA Camera Satchel $309
6. Scout & Catalogue Lasso Scarf $118
7. Mint Perforated Loafers $118
8. Baggu Leather Pouch $20
9. Sandisk 8G Card $26.74
10. Canon Speedlite 580EX II Flash $469

Since I spend a lot of time on photo shoots, I thought I would share a few things that always come with me and a few from my wishlist. A comfy outfit and shoes are key, but that doesn't mean you have to lack on style- neither do your camera accessories for that matter.   

27 March 2012


1. Heartless Bastards // Only for You
2. Electric Guest // American Daydream
3. Lee Fields & the Expressions // You're the Kind of Girl
4. Michael Kiwanuka // Tell Me a Tale
5. Daniel Rossen // Golden Mile
6. Dr. Dog // How Long Must I wait?
7. Howler // Back of Your Neck
8. Discovery // Osaka Loop Line

{Listen on 8racks or Spotify}

Since I haven't had the time to make a 'sweet sound' mix in a while, I enlisted the help of my trusty boyfriend James to create one for you. He has incredible taste and an ear for the best new music. Truthfully this mix is amazing and I can't stop listening to it {I've had Golden Mile stuck in my head for days}. Enjoy!

photo via james' instagram


Just a few remaining shots from some of our Palm Springs adventures. Incase anyone is planing a trip there shortly, here is  little rundown of our itinerary...

El Gallito- inexpensieve Mexican, not touristy, cash only. 
Cheeky's- best brunch spot in Palm Springs. Make sure to try their cinnamon roll- yum! 
Lord Fletcher's- hasn't changed since 1966, was recently on Anthonly Bourdain's No Reservations. The bartender told us jokes and showed us his wind-up toy collection- need I say more?
The Parker- one of my favorite hotels. Designed my the amazing Jonathan Adler. We came for cocktails and truffle fries. I also love to come here for brunch and walk around the beautiful property.
Birba- new favorite restaurant in Palm Springs. Delicious pizza and cocktails. I recommend the braised greens pizza and the heated snake cocktail. 
Toucan's Tiki Lounge- gay bar, perfect for dancing your heart out until the wee hours.  

26 March 2012


Sweet. Florence Rain Flats $70
Sweeter. Loeffler Randall Rain Bootie $165
Sweetest. Hunter Rainboots $125

Welcome back dear readers! How was your weekend? Mine was spent working, seeing friends and hiding out from the rainstorm. There was quite a lightening show last night. We get lightening in LA about once every three years, so it's always quite exciting when it happens.  

23 March 2012


h&m top and pants
vintage loafers 
vintage coach purse
nixon watch
madewell jewelry

I love these h&m pants. They've been a fun and daring {for me} addition to my spring wardrobe. Sadly I only got to wear this outfit for a few hours because it got way too hot for pants and long sleeves. But I'm glad we managed to get a few shots in first. 

I can't believe a week ago today we were driving back from Palm Springs. This week went by at lightening speed and I'm thrilled to be welcoming the weekend. But before I can enjoy a few days off, I've got a photo shoot for Glitter Guide today. Fun fun! 
Happy Weekend! xo

22 March 2012


It has been far too long since I've done a 'snapshots' post and I've missed it. Believe it or not I have more photos to share  from some of our desert outings. Yes I may have gone overboard, but The Ace deserved a post all it's own. Our two days at The Ace were amazing as always. It was fun to be there again, but this time with two of our friends- Phil and Afton. We did a lot of lounging by the pool, laughing until late at night and of course enjoyed our free bucket of beer {courtesy of the ace}. The weather couldn't have been dreamier at 83 degrees- yeah we totally lucked out.

21 March 2012


I sure would like to live inside the Spring/Summer Toast catalogue. It's got me craving lazy days spent riding bikes, reading and napping in the shade. 

20 March 2012


Since I am still editing through my photographs from Palm Springs, I thought I would share some of the photos I took with my iphone. The whole trip I found myself trying to balance taking photos with my camera and my iphone. Sometimes holding one in each hand. Yet still I didn't get some of the shots I wanted to. I am sure many of you fellow photographers and bloggers out there struggle as I do, with putting the camera or phone away. It's hard when what you do professionally intersects with your life. How do you know when to enjoy a moment and not document it?

19 March 2012


I am guest posting for the lovely Justina today, while she enjoys being a newlywed. I'm showing you how you can get the look of the living room above. Please pop over and check it out! 


Sweet. Gold Tipped Collar Necklace $26.86
Sweeter. Laser Cut Collar $32
Sweetest. Preciously Metal Necklace $458

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We got back from Palm Springs on Friday night and I've been trying to get back into the swing of things. It makes me feel slightly indulgent, but I needed a few days of relaxing at home to recover from our trip. We had such a wonderful time and I have lots of photos to edit. I can't wait to share them with you. 

14 March 2012


We're headed to The Ace Hotel Palm Springs today with two of our dearest friends for pool time, relaxation and laughter. I can't wait to share photos with you all when I get back- in the mean time you can follow me on instagram {@sweetthing_} for a little look at our adventures. 

13 March 2012


1. Suno High-Waist Bikini $320
2. Wide Brimmed Hat $158
3. Fuji Instax $60.49
4. Spicy Grapefruit Margarita 
5. Mary Jane Sandals $248
6. Dolce Vita Valentina Dress $275
7. Farmer's Market Tote $45
8. The Paris Wife $15

Can you tell I am having a hard time focusing on anything but our trip to Palm Springs tomorrow? These are a few things that are coming with me and a few that I wish were. 

12 March 2012


Sweet. Ion Lamp $85 
Sweeter. Spider Desk Lamp $108
Sweetest. Menlo Lamp $148

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was filled with fun stuff like my friend's baby shower, game night and a dear friend's birthday. The fun isn't stopping because today I get to spend some time with my best friend from college who's in town and then on wednesday we are off to Palm Springs. Yet somehow I have to find time for work and lots of it. Looks like some late nights are in my future. 

09 March 2012


Thank goodness it's friday. This week felt longer than normal- I kept thinking it was a day later then it actually was. James filmed a short at our house earlier this week which is very exciting, but may have affected my sense of time with the late nights. The last few weeks I've been trying to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Working at my computer all day can take a tole on my body and spirit. But sometimes it's as simple as a walk to the coffee shop to turn that around. Here is a little look into my life of late and a few of the sweet things making me smile...

Happy Weekend! xo

08 March 2012


My sister Merry has a Tumblr called Behind One Door. She has an incredible eye for haunting, beautiful and sometimes jarring images. It's a constant source of inspiration and in my opinion a must follow. Make sure to check it out! If you are interested, you can also follow her Pinterest boards here.  

I on the other hand have been totally slacking on my tumblr. Just like every blogger- juggling my blog, photography, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook can get to be a bit much. But I promise to give it some love soon! 

07 March 2012


1. TBA Dawn Dress $168
2. White Round Sunglasses $26.86
3. Star-Scattered Bikini $68
4. House of Harlow 1960 Oversized Clutch $225
5. White Leather Watch $150
6. See by Chloe Wooden Platform $380
7. Girlie Chiffon Bow $25
8. Marni for H&M Necklace $39.99

White is my favorite color, and lucky for me it will never go out of style.

06 March 2012


I am headed to Palm Springs in one week and it's got me thinking about the incredible trips i've taken there in the last few years {photos above}. I have a serious love affair with the desert and taking photographs of it. I am already planning out which lenses and cameras to bring. Eeee, I can't wait!  

05 March 2012


Sweet. Steve Madden Jazie Oxfords $80
Sweeter. DV by Dolce Vita Mini Oxfords $78.95
Sweetest. Cole Haan Alisa Oxfords $178

Hello my loves, how was your weekend? The weather was quite literally perfect here and I made sure to take advantage of it. On Saturday I spent time with friends wondering around Venice and enjoying delicious food. Saturday night James came down with food poisoning so I spent most of Sunday at home with him. Even though we stayed in, I made the best of the 80 degree weather by opening every door and window in our house, sipping iced coffee and putting on a sundress.