22 January 2013


one. rag & bone tux shirt $290
two. apolis market bag $58
three. pointed toe flats $19.80
four. skinny capri jean $220
five. crosley portable turntable $160
six. young frankk brass cuff $72
seven. cat power sun lp $26.98

I can't exactly host a girls night at the moment since all of my things are in boxes, but that is one of those things I am really looking forward to doing in my new place. I've had the pleasure of attending a few lately and I always leave feeling energized from all the interesting conversation and awesome tunes.  I feel so very thankful for all the ladies in my life.


  1. hehe I have that record player <3 its a dream!

  2. girls nights in, or just nights in in general, are really my greatest idea of fun and relaxation. and i love those lovely flats you've chosen. coffee/wine, good music, comfy clothes, snacks and conversation always trump a night out on the town for me :)

  3. You're so lucky you have ladies friends you love and you like spending some time with: i don't have people like these, and if I have,they're always men! How is it possible!
    The lucky thing is that sometimes those guys have nice girlfriends to talk with: i hope we'll become so I will have te possibility to spend a night like yours!

    xoxo Clara

  4. these are my favorite kind of night to have! ;)
    i'll be having another on in FEB!
    trying to make it monthly
    i love EVERYTHING in this post!!

    excited for you to be my new neighbor!

  5. I love this shirt. Oh my gosh, I love it.

    Kate from Clear the Way