01 February 2013


Happy February 1st. Was it just me or did January seem endless? Probably because January was all about waiting. Waiting to find a place, waiting to move. I did quite enjoy myself, even though I've been living in limbo. I am just one of those people who's space is very important to them. I spend so much time at home photo editing or blogging, that if my space feels chaotic or messy It's hard for me to focus. Because my home has been all of those things, I've been trying to spend as much time away as possible. Going to museums, working in coffee shops or picnicking in the park. It's been pretty fun actually. It's like I am a tourist in my own city, which is a wonderful feeling since I've lived in LA almost ten years. I highly recommend trying it. Here is a look at my life of late and a few of the sweet things making me smile...


  1. Love the photos, especially the Observatory shot!! Amazing.

  2. Great images -- some of the best of L.A. in those shots.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more! I am in the process of settling into a new home and well -- it's not quite inspiring just yet. Boxes are still in the corner of the room. I think I will take your advice and try to get out more -- there are so many nice coffee shops just blocks away from my place. I am in the hunt for that PERFECT spot -- where I can always go to get some reading or work done, that is always inspiring. We'll see what I can find. ;)

    By the way, beautiful post! I adore your photos. <3

  4. It's crazy that it's February already. I thought it went by TOO fast, haha. But hope your February will be great.

    Lovely photos!

    Mostly Lisa

  5. love the last 2 photos of LA, a classic view of LA indeed.

  6. totaly agree.. a womans creative space needs some kind of order.. your photos are 'whisk me away to there' photos.. so enjoy your blog