20 November 2013


I am so very excited to announce that my dear friend and fellow photographer, Kimberly Genevieve and I are launching Snap Class! Snap Class! is a photography workshop (actually two separate workshops), one for beginners or anyone who wants to learn basics on how to improve your photos, for your blog or Instagram. Major secrets will be revealed. The second one is aimed at advanced level photographers who want to break into the industry, but need the proper tools to do so. We will be covering advanced post-processing techniques, how to find your unique style and talk about all things business related. 

Kim and I taught our first mini-workshop back in March and have been working tirelessly to put together Snap Class! ever since. We promise you will come away with all kinds of helpful photo knowledge and it doesn't hurt that we are super fun to hang out with. Every workshop will include a special guest speaker, hand chosen by us, to help inspire and give you advice. Check out our website for more information and make sure to spread the word!


los angeles - saturday, january 11th 

san francisco - saturday, february 1st

- learn camera settings & functions
- our preferred camera equipment
- inspiration & where to find it
- how to find locations & utilize natural light (indoors & out)
- finding your own personal style & aesthetic
- how to make street-style photos look more editorial
- basic post-processing tricks using Photoshop, VSCO & Alien Skin
- how to color correct & retouch skin
- a lifestyle photo session with Kimberly: Let's get creative in the neighborhood. She's going to teach you how to bring color & movement to your portraits & style shoots
- a styling photo session with Jessie: Let's create beautiful tabletops & vignettes using food & items from around the house for your blog & Instagram
- a guest speaker, hand chosen by us, will help inspire and give advice
- learn editing techniques & the apps we recommend for quick color correction
- what makes a good Instagram photo versus a bad Instagram photo
- quick styling techniques when you're in public
- how to use Instagram to grow your blog or business
- the power of hashtags, well, the right hashtags

los angeles - saturday, january 12th 
san francisco - saturday, february 2nd

- how to break into the industry
- how to create content that "sells"
- creating a brand
- let's go over contracts & invoicing
- the right pricing, how to get paid & negotiate with your clients
- perfecting your skill
- directing techniques
- creating work you feel passionate about
- advanced post-processing skills, using Photoshop, VSCO & Alien Skin
- mini portfolio reviews 
- how to use Instagram to promote your photography business
- a photo session with Jessie and Kimberly 
- a guest speaker, hand chosen by us, will help inspire and give advice

If you have any questions, email us at wearesnapclass@gmail.com


  1. Wish I could join! Have fun!


  2. That is pretty awesome! wish i could just come to your guys!

  3. Definitely wish that I lived closer to this!

  4. I wish I could attend but holidays are coming up and cant afford it in Nov before it fills up quickly. Darn! I hope you guys host another

    Maureen Rose

  5. ahh if you guys continue this in the spring or summer, i'll definitely be attending. i'm saving up for a nice camera to take with me when i leave for dc in the fall. i can't wait to meet you! i've been such a fan (:

  6. I love to take pictures and I've always been interested in photography, but I've never taken a class. I wish I could get to one of these, but I live on the opposite coast! Would it be possible to post some tips on photography for us who can't make it?


  7. Yes! Okay, PLEASE keep this going through 2014. I move to SF in May!

  8. This sounds great. I wish it was an online course!

  9. Oeh, that's really great! Are you considering to do this online too? I live in Taiwan so i'm not able to join the courses in La or Sf. Great idea though!